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Access: How to come?

Our company is located near "La Defense", Paris business district; you can reach us as follows:

By car
Coming from Paris ring road: Exit the ring road at "Porte de Champerret", following "Neuilly / Courbevoie
Cross the Seine river (at "Pont de Courbevoie"), continue straight ahead on the "boulevard de Verdun" until a big roundabout ("Place de l'Europe", with a fountain in the middle), make almost a full U-turn to go in the 4th street ("Rue de Colombes") then at 200m turn right in the second street ("Rue Pierre Curie. Entry for number 19 is on the left at mid length of the street.
There's a public parking lot at the end of the street.
From the Seine embankment: Cross the "pont de Courbevoie" if youre on the right bank; if you're on the left bank, leave the embankment at the "pont de Courbevoie" crossing.
From the bridge, follow the "boulevard de Verdun" up to a big roundabout with a fountain ("rond-point de l'Europe"), get the leftmost street ("rue de Colombes"), then after 200m on th eright the "rue Pierre Curie"; our office is at number 19 (training center) and 21 (administration) on the left approximately at the half of the street.
There is an underground public parking lot at the end of the street.
Using public transportation
Train (SNCF): From "Saint-Lazare" station, enter the train at the tail, direction "St Cloud" or "Versailles Rive Droite". Exit at "Courbevoie" station, direction "rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud", You will have an 800m walk (10 mn, cf. access map).
By plane
From ROISSY - CDG: Catch the RER B-line until "Châtelet" or get on "Roissy Bus" to "Charles De Gaulle-Etoile". In both cases, get on the RER-A line to "La Défense" (see RER-BUS above).
From ORLY: Get on ORLYVAL to "Antony", then the RER B-line to Châtelet; continue on the RER A-line to "La Défense" (see RER-BUS above).