Programming and using programmable logic components

Embedded systems increasingly combines programmable electronics and software. These two components of the system contribute critically to the proper functioning of the system and must be designed and controlled not only separately but also in their interactions. Ac6-training offers practical training courses to enable you to master the implementation of programmable logic components and their interactions with the software components of your systems.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the RISC-V architecture and instruction set for attendees. They will learn the basics of RISC-V, including RISC-V Assembler and Simulator, writing and running assembly code, and RISC-V C Programming. The course covers topics such as interrupt and exception handling, memory management, multiprocessing and concurrency, performance optimization, hardware and system design, and future developments. Hands-on experience will be provided through lab sessions.

This training is intended to professional who want to use or maintain programmable components