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Real-Time Operating Systems

As any other computer application, embedded systems must be tailored to the operating system they are running on. Furthermore the, usually quite specific, environment in which these systems will execute often require them to be adapted to their hardware environment.

ac6-training provides trainings to help you create embedded systems using a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) but also to tailor this RTOS to your needs if you have to.

You can see detailed course descriptions of the various trainings by using the above navigation bar. You can also click on course identifiers in the following course briefs hereafter.

Main Courses

IOT1 - Internet of Things (IOT) on Microcontrollers   Building low-power IOT devices using standard microcontrollers
This course introduce the IoT ecosystem, describe the most used IoT Edge to Cloud Protocols (MQTT, MQTT-SN and CoAP), explore particularly heinous IoT focused attacks and security provisions at each level of stack (physical devices, communication systems and networks) . This course explains how to configure the LwIP (with MQTT), FreeRTOS and MbedTLS for a microcontroller-based IoT application; it requires previous knowledge of FreeRTOS.

Additional Courses

oRT3 - Real Time Programming with FreeRTOS   This is a Live Online Training
The Real Time Programming with FreeRTOS course from AC6 covers the design and implementation of real-time applications using the FreeRTOS operating system. The course covers topics such as task scheduling, synchronization, and memory management, and is designed to give professionals the skills they need to develop reliable and efficient real-time systems using FreeRTOS.

This course is suitable for developers with a basic understanding of real-time systems and programming concepts, and is designed to provide a strong foundation in FreeRTOS development. Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to design, implement, and debug real-time applications using FreeRTOS.

RT3 - FreeRTOS Real Time Programming   Real-time programming applied to the FreeRTOS operating system
RT5 - Zephyr Real Time Programming   Real-time programming applied to the Zephyr operating system
RT6 - Real Time Programming with Eclipse ThreadX   Real-time programming applied to ThreadX (previously Azure RTOS)
STG - STM32 + FreeRTOS + LwIP   This course covers the STM32 ARM-based MCU family, the FreeRTOS Real Time OS, the LWIP TCP/IP Stack and/or the EmWin GUI Stack
TI3 - Cortex M4 Texas Instruments Implementation and Ti-RTOS
This course describes the Texas Instruments ARM Cortex M4F implementation and TI-RTOS real-time programming