Installing, programming and writing drivers

Industrial applications are more and more often performed using an embedded version of Linux. In addition, the very specific environment in which run these systems sometimes make it necessary to adapt the Linux installation to the hardware environment.

Ac6-training trainings not only teach you how to build applications on embedded Linux, but also how to adapt the operating system to your hardware or environment when the need arises.

Building and installing an embedded Linux platform

This course is the combination of the oD1 - Embedded Linux course and oY1 - Yocto Project Development course, to learn what is an embedded linux system and how to create it with Yocto

This course covers the various techniques needed to write Linux (2.6 and 3.x) drivers, bus management (PCI. ..), hot-plug and auto-configuration of devices as well as the specific problems due to multi-core and advanced processors.

This course expects that you already are used to embedded Linux systems.

This course expects you to already know how to build a Linux platform using Yocto (see our oY1 - Yocto Project Development course)

This course is the combination of the oY1 - Yocto Project Development course and oY2 - Yocto Project Expert course; it is intended for engineers that need to fully understand the Yocto build environment and be able to tailor it to their needs.