Embedded Real-Time Systems

Design and Program Embedded and Real-Time Systems

As any other computer application, embedded systems must be tailored to the operating system they are running on. Furthermore the, usually quite specific, environment in which these systems will execute often require them to be adapted to their hardware environment.

ac6-training provides trainings to help you create embedded systems using a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) but also to tailor this RTOS to your needs if you have to.

Moreover as creating systems that work in real-time pose specific challenges ac6-training provides also courses to explain you all the specific techniques and tools to use in this context.

You can see detailed course descriptions of the various trainings by using the above navigation bar. You can also click on course identifiers in the following course briefs hereafter.

oRT1 - Linux Real-Time and Multi-Core programming   Programming Linux real-time and multi-core systems, avoiding common pitfalls
This course helps you master multitask and real-time programming, understanding how to effectively solve problems using the primitives provided by the underlying Operating System.

oRT3 - Real Time Programming with FreeRTOS   This is a Live Online Training
Real-time programming applied to the FreeRTOS operating system

oRT5 - Zephyr Real Time Programming   Real-time programming applied to the Zephyr operating system
oRT6 - Real Time Programming with Azure RTOS - ThreadX   Real-time programming applied to the Azure RTOS (ThreadX) operating system
oSTG - STM32 + FreeRTOS + LwIP   This is a Live Online Training