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FK2 Kinetis KL26z MCU Implementation

This course covers the NXP Kinetis KL26z ultra low power MCU

  • This course has 4 main objectives:
    • Describing the hardware implementation
    • Describing the ARM Cortex-M0+ core architecture
    • Describing KL26Z128VLH4 microcontroller architecture
    • Becoming familiar with the IDE (KDS) and low level programming
  • Products and services offered by ACSYS:
    • ACSYS is able to assist the customer by providing consultancies.
    • Typical expertizes are done during board bring up, hardware schematics review, software debugging, performance tuning.
    • ACSYS has also an expertise in FreeRTOS or MQX porting and uIP /LWIP stack or Interniche stack integration.
A more detailed course description is available on request at formation@ac6-formation.com
This document is necessary to tailor the course to specific customer needs and to define the exact schedule.

First Day
Architecture of Kinetis MCUs
  • ARM core based architecture
  • Description of KL26z SoC architecture
The ARM Cortex-M0+ Core
  • V6-M core family
  • Core architecture
  • Thumb instruction set
  • Exception behavior
  • Basic interrupt operation, micro-coded interrupt mechanism , NVIC
Programming and Debugging with KDS and Open SDA
  • Debug interface (Open SDA)
  • Programming
Becoming Familiar with the IDE
  • Getting started with the Kinetis Development Studio (KDS) IDE
  • Parameterizing the compiler / linker
  • Creating a project from scratch
  • Cstart code
Second Day
Reset, Power and Clocking
  • Reset
  • Clocking
  • Operation modes
KL26Z Low Power Modes
  • Power and Clock gating
  • LLS (Low Leakage Stop) mode
  • VLLS (Very Low Leakage Stop modes)
  • Low Power Timer
  • Low Leakage Wakeup Unit
  • Watchdog timer (WDOG)
Internal Interconnect
  • Crossbar switch
  • Direct Memory Access
    • DMA
    • DMA Multiplexer
Third Day
Hardware Implementation
  • Power pins
  • Pinout
  • GPIO module
Integrated Memories
  • Internal Flash
  • Internal SRAM
  • Timer/PWM module (TPM)
  • Low power timer (LPTMR)
  • Periodic Interrupt Timer
  • Real Time Clock
Fourth Day
Analog Modules
  • Analog-to-digital converters (ADC)
  • Analog comparators
  • 6-bit digital-to-analog converters (DAC)
  • 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DAC)
  • Voltage Reference VREF (opt.)
  • USB Full-Speed OTG Controller
  • USB Voltage Regulator (opt.)
Connectivity and Communication
  • SPI
    • Overview and Functional description
    • Run mode
    • Low Power
  • Wait mode
  • Stop mode
  • UART
    • Functional description
    • Register Definition
  • I2C
    • Overview
    • I2C description
    • Memory map – Register definition
Human-machine interfaces
  • General purpose input/output (GPIO)
    • Functional description
    • Register Definition