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Dernières Nouvelles

Webinaire Linux Embarqué avec System Workbench for Linux sur SoC STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 (gratuit)

Contrôle moteur par des gestes avec System Workbench for Linux sur un MCU STM32MP1 (présentation vidéo)

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RT2 MQX Real Time Programming

Real-time programming applied to the MQX operating system

  • Discover the concepts of real time multitasking
  • Understand Real Time constraints
    • Determinism
    • Preemption
    • Interrupts
  • Understand the MQX architecture
  • Discover the various MQX services and APIs
  • Learn how to develop MQX applications
  • Learn how to debug MQX applications
  • Learn how to use MQX Library (USB, TCP/IP, File System, Embedded GUI)
  • Get an overview on Cortex-M4 architecture
Course environment
  • Convenient course material with space for taking notes
  • Example code, labs and solutions
  • A PC under Windows XP for two trainees
  • A NXP Kinetis K60 (Cortex/M4) with CodeWarrior IDE
  • Familiarity with embedded C concepts and programming
  • Basic knowledge of embedded processors

First day
MQX at a Glance
  • MQX overview
  • Organization of MQX
  • MQX directory structure
    • RTOS directory
    • PSP, BSP, I/0 and others source subdirectories
  • Initializing and starting MQX
  • Developing with NXP CodeWarrior Development Studio
    • Build projects
    • PSP build-project
    • BSP build-project
    • Post-build processing
Exercise :  Creating a simple MQX (only one task) project using NXP CodeWarrior Development Studio
Introduction to Real Time
  • Base real time concepts
  • The Real Time constraints
  • Multi-task and real time
Thread safe data structures
  • Need for specific data structures
  • Thread safe data structures
    • Linked lists
    • Circular lists
    • FIFOs
    • Stacks
  • Data structures integrity proofs
    • Assertions
    • Pre and post-conditions
Exercise :  Build a general purpose thread safe doubly linked list
Second day
Memory Management
  • Memory management algorithms
    • Buddy System
    • Best fit
    • First Fit
    • Pools Management
  • Understand how MQX RTOS Manages Memory
    • Memory with variable-size blocks
    • Lightweight memory with variable-size blocks
    • Memory with fixed-size blocks
    • Creating partitions
    • Allocating and freeing partition blocks
  • Memory management errors
  • Stack monitoring
  • Controlling caches and MMU Overview (not present on K60 MCU)
Exercise :  Write a simple, thread safe, buddy system memory manager
Exercise :  Write a generic, multi-level, memory manager
Exercise :  Enhance the memory manager for memory error detection
Exercise :  Detect stack overflow
Element of a real time system
  • Tasks and Task Descriptors
    • Content of the task descriptor
    • List of task descriptors
  • Context Switch
  • Task Scheduling and Preemption
    • Tick based or tickless scheduling
  • Scheduling systems and schedulability proof
    • Fixed priorities scheduling
    • RMA and EDF scheduling
Managing and Scheduling tasks with MQX
  • Managing Tasks
    • Creating tasks
    • Managing task errors
    • Terminating tasks
  • Scheduling
    • FIFO scheduling
    • Round Robin scheduling
Exercise :  Creating your first multi-task project
Third day
Timing with MQX RTOS
  • Time components
  • Timers
  • Lightweight timers
  • Watchdogs
  • Hardware Timer on Cortex-M4
Exercise :  Turn a LED on and off using software timers
Interrupt Management in Real Time Systems
  • Need for interrupts in a real time system
    • Software Interrupt
    • Time Interrupts
    • Device Interrupts
  • Level or Edge interrupts
  • Hardware and Software acknowledge
  • Interrupt vectoring
  • Interrupts and scheduling
  • Handling Interrupts and Exceptions in MQX RTOS
    • Initializing interrupt handling
    • Restrictions on ISRs
    • Handling exceptions
    • Handling ISR exceptions
    • Handling task exceptions
  • Handling Interrupts on Cortex-M4
Exercise :  Synchronize Interrupts with tasks
Synchronization Primitives (1/2)
  • Waiting and waking up tasks
  • Semaphores
  • Events
  • Semaphores and Events through MQX RTOS
    • Events
    • Lightweight events
    • Lightweight semaphores
    • Semaphores
Exercise :  Synchronizing a task with another
Fourth day
Synchronization Primitives (2/2)
  • Mutual Exclusion
    • Spinlocks and interrupt masking
    • Mutex or Semaphore
    • Recursive or not recursive mutexes
    • Priority inversion problem
    • Priority inheritance (the automatic answer)
    • Priority ceiling (the design centric answer)
  • Mutexes and condition variables
  • Mutual Exclusion through MQX RTOS
    • Priority inversion
    • Priority inheritance
    • Priority protection
    • Mutexes
  • Mailboxes
  • Using Mailboxes through MQX RTOS
    • Messages
    • Queues
    • Task Queues
Exercise :  Implement mutual exclusion between two tasks
Exercise :  Synchronizing tasks using queues
Parallelism Problems Solution
  • Parallel programming problems
    • Uncontrolled parallel access
    • Deadlocks
    • Livelocks
    • Starvation
Exercise :  The producer-consumer problem, illustrating (and avoiding) concurrent access problems
Exercise :  The philosophers dinner problem, illustrating (and avoiding) deadlock, livelock and starvation
Debugging the application
  • Instrumentation
    • Logs
    • Lightweight logs
    • Kernel logs
    • Stack usage utilities
  • Run-Time Testing
  • Embedded Debug
Exercise :  Debug an application with the log component
Fifth day
Developing a New BSP
  • Selecting a Baseline BSP
  • Modifying Source Code
USB Library
  • USB Host/Device Library Description
  • USB Host/Device Stack Directory Structure
  • USB Host and USB Device APIs Overview
Exercise :  Run a NXP USB HID Example
File System (MFS) Library
  • MFS at a Glance
  • MFS API Overview
Exercise :  Use of MFS accessing the SPI-connect SD Card
Shell Library
  • Shell Library Overview
TCP/IP Stack (RTCS) Library
  • RTCS Library Overview
  • Setting up the RTCS
  • Using Sockets
  • RTCS API Overview
  • RTCS Applications
Exercise :  Shell Command line providing microprocessor state information Demo
Exercise :  Simple Web Server Demo
Embedded GUI Library
  • eGUI Library Overview
  • Graphic Object Description
  • Structure of Project with eGUI
  • Driver API Overview
Exercise :  Embedded GUI Demo