Ac6 provides courses on all programming technologies, from architecture to low-level debug for embedded and real-time systems.

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Methods - Modeling, analysis and development methodologies  
The complexity of computer systems led more and more to the use of standard tools to support their specification, design and development. These tools are based, where possible, on standard methods and languages​​.

Ac6-training offers training on the most common modeling language UML (Unified Modeling Language); these courses are tailored to the industrial and embedded systems environment and the specific needs of real-time applications.

We also offer training on management tools for the software development process, as Eclipse.

Languages - Embedded and Real-Time Programming Languages  

ac6-formation provides trainings on the various languages used in embedded systems. We propose courses on C, C++, Java and Python. Our coursse are tailored to the use of these languages in the embedded world context, with exercises targeting these environments.

Embedded security - Embedded security  

Secure embedded systems integrate numerous strategies and procedures to perfectly coordinate cybersecurity in the programming and equipment of embedded frameworks. Security segments added to embedded systems can block the usefulness of a framework and affect the constant execution of the missions of the core systems. Framework specialists, engineers and experts need a highly characterized approach to the whole process, while emphasizing the usefulness of embedded frameworks and cyber security. A secure embedded framework can use a security coprocessor to cryptographically guarantee the confidentiality and reliability of the framework while ensuring its usefulness.

Real-Time - Programmation et conception temps réel  

Creating systems that work in real-time is a specific challenge. That's why ac6-training provides a range of courses to explain you all the specific techniques and tools to use in this context.

Internet - Techniques et protocoles de communication  

Internet est de plus en plus omniprésent; il est maintenant inévitable dans les systèmes embarqués.

Logique Programmable - Programmation et mise en oeuvre d'électronique programmable  

La réalisation de systèmes embarqués combine de plus en plus de l'électronique programmable et du logiciel. Ces deux composantes du système contribuent de façon critique au bon fonctionnement du système et doivent être conçues et maîtrisées non seulement séparément mais également dans leurs interactions. ac6-formation propose des formations pratiques pour vous permettre de maîtriser la mise en oeuvre de composants de logique programmable et leur interactions avec la composante logicielle de vos systèmes.