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With Ac6, develop your Embedded Systems skills

Ac6-Training, partner of STMicroelectronics and NXP, and member of the ARM Community, ensures you to have access to the latest technologies and to master your projects.

Both hardware and software skills are needed:
Ac6 provides a full range of services, from training to technical support and consulting.


Online trainings that are as effective as face-to-face trainings. 

Our equipment allows an online training experience similar to face-to-face. 

The trainee connects to the training platform from his web browser, without having to install local tools. He has access to the tools to perform the exercises on a target board like during a face-to-face training. The trainee receive the course material in PDF format before the training.  The trainer has a white board to give detailed explanations when it is necessary and he can interact with the trainee's platform to guide him. 

For example, during the training on writing Linux drivers, exercises are performed on a real Cortex-A target board, accessing its peripherals. 


Logo Linux

Operating Systems


Linux : Create an Embedded Linux system with BuildRoot and Yocto

(Exercises are done on target boards from STMicroelectronics or NXP)

Drivers : Explain the techniques used to write Linux device drivers.

QT Graphical User Interfaces : Create graphical user interfaces under Linux

Methods : Analysis, modeling and development methodologies

Languages : Programming languages for embedded and real-time systems

Real-Time : Design and programming for real-time and multicore environments

RTOS : Understand FreeRtos architecture and services for programming real-time applications

Programmable Logic

Processor Architectures

FPGAs & ASICs : VHDL programming

Processors (Generic) : Understanding the base concepts of processors.

SystemC : Design and Simulation with SystemC

ARM Cores : Discover the various architectures and implementations of Cortex A, R and M cores

ST MCUs : STM32 families, using Cortex M cores

NXP CPUs : QorIQ and LayerScape families

NXP MCU : Kinetis, LPC & i.MX families



Expertise : Our technical experts can come on your site to help you solve problems in your embedded projects.

Engineering : We can also realize contract developments for embedded projects.

System Workbench for Linux simplifies the design, build, debug and maintenance of your Linux-based Embedded System.

As it is integrated with System Workbench for STM32, it supports simultaneous development and debug of applications distributed between Linux and the Cortex-M real-time processor of the STM32MP1 SoC.

For more information on our open courses please look at our calendar


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