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Courses on digital interconnect technologies

ACSYS offers a large set of courses on connectivity technologies.
Each course details a particular standard, such as PCI Express or RapidIO.

You can see detailed course descriptions of the various trainings by using the above navigation bar. You can also click on course identifiers in the following course briefs hereafter.

I0 - New digital buses   This 1-day seminar aims to describe and compare new digital interconnect standards
IA1 - CAN bus   This course covers all CAN specifications: CAN 2.0, TT-CAN, FD-CAN and also the M-TTCAN IP from Bosch
IA3 - MIL-STD 1553B   This course covers the 1553 military bus

IC1 - PCI 3.0   This course covers PCI bus version 3.0
IC4 - PCI Express 3.0   This course covers PCI Express gen3 as well as gen1 and gen2
IM1 - HDMI 1.4a   This course covers the HDMI multimedia interface
IM2 - Display Port 1.1a   This course covers the Display Port multimedia interface
IP2 - USB 2.0   This course covers USB2.0
IP3 - USB 3.0   This course covers USB3.0 and related specifications: OTG 3.0, xHCI, UAS and AV classes