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Securing an Embedded Linux with System Workbench

Asymmetric Multi-Programming with System Workbench for Linux

Creating an STM32MP1 Linux platform with System Workbench for Linux

Creating an IMX8 Linux platform with System Workbench for Linux

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Embedded and Real-Time Programming Languages

ac6-formation provides trainings on the various languages used in embedded systems. We propose courses on C, C++, Java and Python. Our coursse are tailored to the use of these languages in the embedded world context, with exercises targeting these environments.

You can see detailed course descriptions of the various trainings by using the above navigation bar. You can also click on course identifiers in the following course briefs hereafter.

oL2 - C Language for Embedded MCUs  
Learning how to program a Microcontroller (especially the Cortex-M based ones)

oL3 - Embedded C++ Programming  
The C++ Language for Embedded Systems

oL9 - OpenCL   Parallel programming with OpenCL-1.2
High Performance Computing (HPC) is more and more frequent in embedded systems, for graphics rendering, virtual reality of parallel computing. The OpenCL language allows to program in a more or less hardware-independent way complex parallel algorithms that will be able to run on various hardware platforms.

oL10 - Embedded Modern C++ Programming  
The Modern C++ Language for Embedded Systems