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Free Workshop on Embedded Linux with System Workbench for Linux on September 24th, 2019, in Lyon St Priest, with ARROW

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MSP Microsemi SmartFusion2 Programming

This course describe the Microcontroller Subsystem (MSS) of SmartFusion2 Microsemi Microchip FPGAs

  • Get an Overview on the Cortex-M Architecture
  • Understand the Cortex-M Software implementation and debug
  • The Microsemi Implementation and Embedded Development Kit (EDK) with Libero SoC and software Integrated Development environment (IDE) tools are described to create a hardware platform and the software to execute to programme it
  • Describe SmartFusion MSS Architecture, I/Os and understand the SmartFusion2 FPGA Fabric Interface
  • Become familiar with the MSS Peripherals
  • Basic knowledge of processor and FPGA technology
  • Knowledge of VHDL and C languages
Course environment
  • Microsemi LiberoSoC v12.0 and SoftConsole v6.0
  • SmartFusion2 based board

First Day
Libero SoC
  • Microsemi FPGA & SoC overview
  • Libero SoC overview
  • Create and Design
  • Constraint management
  • TestBench and Simulations
  • Programme and Debug
  • Microsemi tool’s
Exercise:  Creating a Libero Project for Firmware
Exercise:  Libero Project and SoftConsole
Cortex-M3 Architecture Overview
  • V7-M Architecture Overview
  • Core Architecture
    • Harvard Architecture, I-Code, D-Code and System Bus
    • Write Buffer
    • Registers (Two stack pointers)
    • States
    • Different Running-mode and Privileged Levels
    • System Control Block
    • Systick Timer
    • MPU Overview
  • Programming
    • Alignment and Endianness
    • CMSIS Library
  • Exception/ Interrupts Mechanism Overview
    • Vector Table
    • Interrupt entry and return Overview
    • Tail-Chaining
    • Pre-emption (Nesting)
    • NVIC Integrated Interrupt Controller
    • Exception Priority Management
    • Fault escalation
    • Debug Interface
Second Day
SmartFusion2 Cortex-M3 Processor
  • System Level Interface
  • Integrated Configurable Debug
  • Cortex-M3 Processor Core Peripherals
    • Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller
    • System Control Block
    • System Timer
    • Memory Protection Unit
  • Cortex-M3 Processor Description
    • Programmers Model
    • Memory Model
    • Exception Model
    • Fault Handling
    • Power Management
  • Cortex-M3 Processor Instruction Set
    • CMSIS Functions
    • Memory Access Instructions
    • General Data Processing Instructions
    • Saturating Instructions
    • Branch and Control Instructions
  • Cortex-M3 Processor Peripherals
    • System Control Block
    • System Timer (Systick)
    • Memory Protection Unit
Exercise:  Cortex-M3 Mode Privilege
Exercise:  Cortex-M3 Exception Management
Exercise:  Cortex-M3 MPU
Exercise:  Cortex-M3 Real-Time Operating System (FreeRTOS)
MSS Cache Controller
  • Cache Matrix
  • Memory Mapping
  • Memory Maps and Transaction Mapping
  • Cache Locked Mode
  • How to use cache Controller
Exercise:  Cache Controller Configuration
Embedded NVM (eNVM) and SRAM (eSRAM) Controllers
  • Functional Description
  • Security
  • How to use eNVM
  • SYSREG Control Registers
High Performance DMA Peripheral and Controller
  • DMA Controller Initialization
  • DMA Controller Operations
  • How to use HPDMA
  • HDMA Controller Register Map
  • Peripheral DMA Architecture Overview
  • How to use PDMA
  • PDMA Register Map
Fabric Interface Controller
  • Architecture Overview
  • Functional Description
  • AHB-Lite Options
  • Implementation Considerations
  • How to Use FIC
Third Day
Reset Controller
  • Power-On Reset Generation Sequence
  • Power-Up to functional Time Data
  • CoreResetP Soft Reset Controller
    • Reset Topology
    • Implementation
  • How to use the Reset Controller
AHB - Advanced High Performance Bus
  • Centralized address decoding
  • Address gating logic
  • Address pipelining
  • Sequential transfers
  • AHB-Lite Specification
Connectivity and Communication
  • Universal Serial Bus OTG Controller
  • Ethernet MAC
  • CAN Controller
  • MMUART Peripherals
  • Serial Peripheral Interface Controller (SPI)
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Peripherals (I²C)
  • Communication Block
    • Architecture Overview
    • CoreSysServices Soft IP
    • How to use the communication block
  • Real-Time Controller
  • System Timer
  • Watchdog Timer
  • ECC System Service
Exercise:  Programming using UART interface
Exercise:  MSS CAN drivers and APIs
Exercise:  Programming using USB OTG Controller Interface
Exercise:  Using ECC System Service
Exercise:  FreeRTOS and LWIP Project