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Contrôle moteur par des gestes avec System Workbench for Linux sur un MCU STM32MP1 (présentation vidéo)

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IM2 Display Port 1.1a

This course covers the Display Port multimedia interface

  • The course describes the architecture of a DisplayPort source-cable-sink system.
  • An introduction to Video and Audio standards is done prior to clarifying how this standards are transported through DisplayPort.
  • The analog interface is studied in detail.
  • The course clarifies information 8b10b coding / decoding schemes.
  • Content protection mechanisms are also studied.
A more detailed course description is available on request at training@ac6-training.com
  • A basic knowledge of multimedia standards (audio & video).

First day
  • Chip-to-Chip or box-to-box utilization
  • Layered architecture
  • Pinout
  • Forward drive channel and bi-directional auxiliary channel
  • Mechanical specification
  • Dual mode devices
  • Hot plug / Unplug detect circuitry
  • Main channel
    • 8b10b coding scheme, running disparity
    • Clock recovery logic
    • Channel equalization sequence
    • Scrambling, whitening the spectrum, Scrambler reset
    • Link quality measurement
    • Transmitter and receiver electrical specifications
    • Drive current and pre-emphasis level control
    • Jitter requirements
  • Auxiliary channel
    • Manchester II coding, self-clocking
    • Sync pattern, Stop condition
    • AC coupling
  • Compliance test specification
  • Isochronous transport services over the main link
    • Enhanced framing mode
    • Link symbols over the main Link without video stream
    • Adapting the stream rate to the link rate
    • Stream reconstruction in the Sink
    • Extracting the secondary data packet
    • Stream clock recovery, synchronous vs asynchronous clock modes
    • Secondary–data packet types, purpose of InfoFrames packets
  • Auxiliary channel
    • Link and device management over the auxiliary channel
    • Source state machine
    • Arbitration control
    • Policy maker
    • Mapping of I2C onto AUX CH syntax
    • Address mapping for DPCD
  • Compliance test specification
    • Device services test procedures
    • Device Link services test procedures
Second day
  • Video standard basics, SDTV, EDTV, HDTV
  • Pixel mapping onto link lanes according to pixel coding
  • Video timing format
  • Direct drive display specification
  • Embedded Display Port
  • Audio basics, L-PCM coding, IEC standards
  • Speakers mapping
  • Scheduling of audio stream packet transmission
  • Source / Sink device interoperability, audio format
  • Structure of audio stream packets
  • The Display Data Channel [DDC] usage during configuration
  • AVI info frame
  • Audio info frame
  • E-EDID data structure
  • Source device behavior upon HPD pulse detection
  • HDCP specification (DRM)
    • Authentication of devices allowed to play HD content
    • Computation of shared key
    • HDCP over Display Port
    • Application to DVD-audio and super-audio CD
  • DPCP specification
    • DPCP bulk encryption / decryption blocks
    • AUX CH transactions for DPCP