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L3 Embedded C++

The C++ Language for Embedded Systems

  • Master the C++ language
  • Use C++ Template (generic code) in Embedded Systems
  • Master the C++ Advanced aspects such as polymorphism, single and multiple inheritances.
  • Learn to redefine the C++ operators for dynamic memory allocation in embedded applications
  • Make C++ objects persistent in programmable flash
  • Manage C++ exceptions for Secure Embedded applications
  • Use C++ objects to handle serial transmission / reception of character strings
  • Training manuals and software exercises
  • One PC for two trainees
  • One target board with ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller (STM32F)
  • Eclipse environment and GCC compiler

First Day
Introduction to C++ for industrial systems
  • Introduction to object oriented programming
  • History and definition
  • Overview on C++ standards
  • Modern C++ objectives
  • Switch from C to C++
  • Embedded C++ specification ( EC++)
  • How to write optimized embedded code
Exercise:  Understand function mangling
Exercise:  Function inlining
Exercise:  Volatile variable handling
C++ and embedded systems
  • Object Oriented Programming in C++
    • Encapsulation
    • Classes and objects
    • Attributes and member functions
    • Object construction and destruction
    • Construction parameters
    • Copy constructor
    • Object composition and container
    • Scope qualifier operator
Exercise:  Declaring classes and methods
Exercise:  Working with default, copy and parameterized constructors
Exercise:  Understand the differences between composition and aggregation
Second Day
C++ and embedded systems
  • Operator Overloading
    • Optimizing parameter object passing
    • Overloading operators by member functions
    • Overloading operators by friend functions
    • Memory management operators overloading
Exercise:  The assignment operator
Exercise:  Overloading operators
  • Simple Inheritance
    • Specialization by addition and substitution
    • Derivation and access rules
    • Construction during inheritance
    • Inheritance polymorphism
    • Virtual methods
Exercise:  Understand inheritance
  • Persistent and flashable objects
    • Constant and partially constant objects
    • Persistent objects
    • Flashable objects
Exercise:  Creating constant, mutable, persistent and ROMable objects
  • Enhancing security with exceptions
    • Launching, capturing and handling exceptions
    • Retriggering exception
    • Exceptions specifications
    • Handling unexpected exception
    • Exception objects of the C++ standard library
Exercise:  Handle errors using exceptions
Exercise:  Unexpected exceptions management
Third Day
C++ Advanced Techniques
  • I/O streams
    • C++ language standard streams
    • C++ standard librairies streams
    • Standard IO redirection by friend functions
Exercise:  Redefine operators ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ to read/write objects on an IO stream
  • Member pointers
  • Generic objects and templates
    • Classes and generic functions
    • Templates overloading
    • Specializing templates
    • STL (Standard Template Library)
    • Templates in embedded systems
Exercise:  Generic classes and functions
  • Polymorphic objects
  • Virtual objects and abstract classes
  • Specializing objects by simple inheritance
    • Building derivate objects
    • Access control rules for inherited objects
    • Specializing objects by multiple inheritance
    • Conflicts resolution by scope operator
    • Virtual inheritance
Exercise:  Understand virtual methods by subclassing a generic Device class
Exercise:  Understand multiple inheritance and virtual bases