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D5 Embedded GUI

Graphical User Interfaces for Embedded Linux

Graphical User Interfaces for Embedded Linux
  • Understand the different layers associated with the graphic interface system
  • Learn how to use the Linux frame buffer
  • Discover the hardware abstraction layers
  • Learn to use the main graphical toolkits (widgets) taretting embedded Linux
    • QT
    • FLTK
    • WxEmbedded
    • MiniGUI
    • ...
  • Learn how to link commands to GUI elements
Labs are conducted on target boards, that can be:
    Atmel ARM9-based boards, with Lauterbach JTAG probes.
We use the last linux kernel, as delivered on

Labs are conducted using the System Workbench for Linux - Basic Edition IDE.

  • A Linux PC for two trainees, with an ARM based target board
  • Course material
  • CDROM with documentation and tools used during the trainin

The various system layers used by GUIs
  • Kernel drivers: frame buffer, direct access, ...
  • Hardware abstraction layers: X, GGI, DirectFB, ...
  • Graphical toolkits (widgets): QT, GTK, FLTK, ...
  • Window manager: matchbox, sawfish, ...
  • Desktop environments: GNOME, KDE, ...
The Linux frame buffer
  • Selecting frame buffer support when building th ekernel
  • Generic VGA support, VESA
  • Provided features
The hardware abstraction layers
  • X: standard server and embedded-specific versions (tiny-X, Kdrive, Nano-X)
  • GGI: generic multiplatform GUI (Linux, Windows, MacOS/X ,...)
  • DirectFB: hardware acceleration above the frame buffer
The graphic toolkits (widgets)
  • Trolltech's QT
  • GTK (Gimp ToolKit)
  • WxEmbedded
  • FLTK (Fast Light ToolKit)
  • MiniGUI
  • Nano-X (ex MicroWindows)
  • Standard "desktop" versions and embedded-specific versions
  • Graphical GUI design tools: QT designer, Glade, FLUID...
Linking commands to GUI items
  • Using fork and exec
  • Pipe communication
  • Integration with widgets
Embedded GUI distributions for Linux
  • The "familiar project"
  • GPE Palm Environement
  • Qtopia
  • Pixil