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D7 Power Management in Linux Drivers

Writing drivers with power management support

Writing drivers with power management support
  • Configure the Linux kernel for optimal power management.
  • Understand how Linux manages the power
    • To write drivers integrated in this scheme
    • To optimize low power modes
  • Install and use power-management utilities
Labs are conducted on target boards, that can be:
    Atmel ARM9-based boards, with Lauterbach JTAG probes.
We use the last linux kernel, as supported by the board.
Course environment
  • A PC workstation and a target board per two trainees group with Lauterbach JTAG probe.
  • Printed and PDF course material.
  • Documentation and exercises solutions.
  • Good practice of C programming on Linux
  • Basic knowledge of Linux kernel and driver programming (see our D3 - Linux Drivers course)

First Day
Reminders on kernel programming
  • Reminders on kernel module development
  • Kernel objects
Exercise:  Writing a kernel module creating and using kernel objects and sets
  • The sysfs file system
Exercise:  Interacting with a kernel module through a kernel object and the sysfs file sytem
Power-management : APM and ACPI
  • The APM standard.
  • The ACPI standard.
Exercise:  Writing a user program to shut down the system.
Power-management, suspend and hibernate
  • Freezing tasks
  • Suspend in RAM
  • Suspend on Disk
  • Hibernate
  • Debugging power management
Exercise:  Writing a kernel module reacting to suspend in RAM and system wakeup
Second Day
Power management in drivers
  • Device states vs System state
  • Putting devices in low-power modes
  • Power-management operations in drivers
  • Controling system state changes from drivers
Exercise:  Adapting a device driver to put the device in suspended state when unused
Cpu frequency governors
  • The cpufreq user interface.
  • The various governors available.
Idle Cpu governors
  • The Idle task.
  • The Idle device concept.
  • CpuIdle governors.