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TI3 Cortex M4 Texas Instruments Implementation and Ti-RTOS

  • Although the Cortex-M4 seems to be a simple 32-bit core, it supports sophisticated mechanisms, such as exception pre-emption, internal bus matrix and debug units
  • Through a tutorial, the Cortex-M4 low level programming is explained, particularly the ARM linker parameterizing and some tricky assembly instructions
  • Discover the concepts of real time multitasking
    • Determinism
    • Preemption
    • Interrupts
  • Understand the structure of a TI-RTOS
  • Discover the various TI-RTOS services and APIs
  • Learn how to develop TI-RTOS applications
  • Learn how to debug TI-RTOS applications
Course Environment
  • Code Composer Studio (CCS) v9.0.1
  • LAUNCHXL-CC1352P1(CC1352P microcontroller) Texas Instruments board

  • Basic Knowledge on C language and microcontrollers
First Day
Introduction to ARM CORTEX-M4/M4F
  • ARM Cortex-M4 processor macrocell
  • Programmer’s model
  • Instruction pipeline
  • Fixed memory map
  • Privilege, modes and stacks
  • Memory Protection Unit
  • Interrupt handling
  • Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller [NVIC]
  • Power management
  • Debug
  • Special purpose registers
  • Datapath and pipeline
  • Write buffer
  • System timer
  • State, privilege and stacks
  • System control block
Exception behavior, exception return
  • Non-maskable exceptions
  • Privilege, modes and stacks
  • Fault escalation
  • Priority boosting
  • Vector table
  • Basic interrupt operation, micro-coded interrupt mechanism
  • Interrupt entry / exit, timing diagrams
  • Interrupt stack
  • Tail chaining
  • Interrupt response, pre-emption
  • Interrupt prioritization
  • Interrupt handlers
Exercise:  Interruption Management on Cortex-M4
Second Day
Elements of a real time system
  • Tasks and task descriptors
    • Content of the task descriptor
    • Lists of task descriptors
  • Context switch
  • Task scheduling and preemption
    • Tick based or tickless scheduling
  • Scheduling systems and schedulability proofs
    • Fixed priority scheduling
    • RMA and EDF scheduling
    • Adaptive scheduling
  • Synchronization primitives
    • Waiting and waking up tasks
    • Semaphores
    • Mutual exclusion
    • The priority inversion problem
    • Priority inheritance (the automagic answer)
    • Priority ceiling (the design centric answer)
    • Mutexes and condition variables
    • Mailboxes
Introduction to Ti-RTOS
  • What is TI-RTOS ?
  • Overview of TI-RTOS Components
  • SYS/BIOS: The TI-RTOS Kernel
  • TI-RTOS Networking and Networking Services
  • TI-RTOS Drivers
Third Day
  • SYS/BIOS Packages
  • SYS/BIOS and XDC Tools
  • TI-RTOS Startup Sequence
  • Configuring SYS/BIOS Using XDCTools
  • Overview of Threading Modules
  • Thread Characteristics
  • Choosing the right Thread
  • Thread Priorities preemption and yielding
  • Introduction to Hooks
Memory management
  • Memory Map
  • Placing sections into Memory Segments
  • Stacks
  • Cache configuration
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Heap implementations
Hardware Interrupt Threads (Hwis)
  • Introduction to Hwis
  • Creating Hwi Objects
  • Hwi APIs
  • Hwi Interrupt Nesting and System Stack Size
  • Hwi Hooks
Exercise:  Configuring Hwis
Exercise:  Configuring Hwis dynamically
Software Interrupt Threads (Swis)
  • Introduction to Swis
  • Creating Swi objects
  • SWI interrupts nesting
  • Using Swi bbject trigger variables
Exercise:  Configuring Swis
Exercise:  Configuring Swis dynamically
Fourth Day
Task Threads
  • Introduction to Task Threads
  • Creating Tasks
  • Task Execution states and scheduling
  • Task Stacks
  • Testing for stack overflow
  • Task Hooks
  • Task Yielding for time-slice scheduling
  • Idle Loop
Exercise:  Hwi, Swi, Task and Idle Threads
Synchronization modules
  • Semaphores
  • Event Module
  • Gates
  • Mailboxes
  • Queues
Exercise:  Synchronization Primitives (Semaphore, Gates and Events)
Exercise:  Reader / Writers (Mailboxes)
Timing Services
  • Clock
  • Timer Module
  • Seconds Module
  • Timestamp
Exercise:  Clock and Timer Threads
  • Introduction
  • Load Module
  • Error Handling
  • Instrumentation Tools in Code Composer studio
  • Performance optimization
Exercise:  Threads statistics (Hwis Global, Swi Global and Tasks)
Timing Benchmarks
  • Timing Benchmarks
  • Interrupt Latency
  • Hwi-Hardware Interrupt
  • Swi-Software Interrupt Benchmarks
  • Task Benchmarks
  • Semaphore Benchmarks