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oSEC4 Advanced wolfSSL for Embedded Security

  • Establish fundamental knowledge about cryptographic, algorithms, and protocols.
  • Discover how encryption works and how to manage secret keys
  • Understanding and Implementing Cryptography
  • Learn how to implement secure authentication with wolfSSL
  • Develop using wolfSSL’s cryptography library (wolfCrypt)
  • Understand how to build wolfMQTT on standard platforms and use it in an IoT application
  • Building wolfSSH on standard Platforms
  • Secure boot using wolfBoot (with wolfCrypt and WolfSSL)
  • C programming
  • Experience with embedded systems development.
  • oSEC3 Embedded Security with wolfSSL

First Session
Advanced WolfCrypt usage
  • Public Key Cryptography
    • RSA
    • DH (Diffie-Hellman)
    • EDH (Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman)
    • DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm)
  • PKCS Public Key Cryptography Standards
    • PKCS#1 RSA Cryptography Standard
    • PKCS#3 Diffie-Hellman Key agreement Standard
    • PKCS#5 Password Based Cryptography Standard
    • PKCS#6 Extended-Certificate Syntax Standard Historic
    • PKCS#7 and RFC 3369 : Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
    • PKCS#8 Private Key Information Syntax Standard
    • PKCS#9 Selected Object Classes and Attribute Types
    • PKCS#10 Certification Request Syntax Standard
    • PKCS#11 Cryptographic Token Interface Standard
    • PKCS#12 Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard
    • PKCS#15 Cryptographic Token Information Syntax Standard
  • Cryptographic Certification
    • FIPS 140-2 Certification
    • NSA Certification
  • Progressive Cryptography
  • Hardware Accelerated Cryptography
  • X.509 Certificates
  • Key and Certificate genration
  • WolfCrypt CertManager API
Exercise :  Sign and Verify data with RSA
Exercise :  Sign and Verify data with ECC
Exercise :  Sign and Verify data with Ed25519
Exercise :  Key Agreement with ECDH and Curve25519
Exercise :  PKCS#7 and CMS bundle Generation and Verification
Exercise :  wolfCrypt “FIPS Ready”
Exercise :  Progressive Cryptography
Exercise :  Creating Keys and Certificates
Exercise :  Generate RSA/ECC Key and Certificates via API
Exercise :  WolfCrypt Certificate Manager
Second Session
  • • Introduction
  • Features
  • Components
  • Wolfboot bootloader
  • Integrating wolfBoot
  • Upgrading the firmware
Exercise :  Upgrading the firmware using wolfBoot
  • Overview
  • Building wolfSSH
  • wolfSSH User authentication Callback
  • wolfSSH SFTP
  • wolfSSH SCP
Exercise :  wolfSSH examples with passwords and Keys
Exercise :  SFTP with wolfSSH
Exercise :  SCP with wolfSSH
  • MQTT and MQTT-SN Overview
  • MQTT client
  • MQTT packet
  • MQTT socket
  • API reference
Exercise :  MQTT Broker