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ac6-training is the training department of Ac6, a company devoted to high quality training, consulting and support on embedded system design.

ac6-training was founded by embedded system and industrial computing experts highly skilled in both design and training.

ac6-training 's trainings cover the whole industrial computing and embedded system programming field including real-time system programming.

Need some help?

To obtain additional information on a training, get our training catalog or be helped in choosing a training, feel free to contact us by phone at +33 (0)1 41 16 80 10 or by email at

If you have any questions, you can inquire here:

Our training center

All our training courses are regularly scheduled in our training center in Courbevoie, near Paris la Défense or as Live-Online-Trainings.

On site courses

All our training courses can also be organized in your own premises. In such a case the course content can be either a standard course curriculum, or a course especially tailored to your needs, based on our standard courses; together we will then define a training content that fits your specific context.

High quality trainings, permanently updated

Our training engineers are experts in their domain. They bring you their detailed knowledge on the latest technologies. They provide courses that they design themselves.

Our trainings use high performance tools and hardware, used for a lot of practical exercises. The documentation provided to each trainee includes a hard-copy of all the presentation slides, with convenient space for its own notes, the description and solution of the practicals, articles and even in some cases reference books.

Our training course design process includes a systematic update of the course material by the trainer. This update is consistently done during the whole life of the course thus allowing to guarantee its quality.

The ac6-training commitment

At the end of each training session, an evaluation sheet is filled by each trainee. These evaluations are then thoroughly examined and an analysis, focusing on technical, methodological or pedagogical items is done. Then actions are defined to enhance each course and further increase its quality.

If a course does not fulfill the announced objectives or the course selection was not adequate, due to information given by ac6-training , ac6-training will propose to attend a new course at special conditions or get a refund.