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HX5 Zynq All Programmable SoC: Hardware and Software Design

This course explains how to design a System on Chip (SoC) based on the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC

  • Describing how to build a complete Embedded System based on the Zynq (Processing System with an ARM Cortex-A9MP Core + FPGA)
  • Describing the Zynq Implementation, the Vivado IP Integrator tool and the Software Development Kit (SDK) tools to create a hardware platform and the software to program it
  • Working with Xilinx tools like Chipscope and the SDK Remote Debugging to debug the Software and the Hardware
  • Booting the Linux Kernel on the platform and Executing Linux OS based Applications
  • Creating a User IP and the corresponding Linux Driver and integrating it to the System
  • Basic knowledge on processor and FPGA technology
  • Knowledge of VHDL and C languages

Zynq Device Overview
  • Processing System
  • Programmable Logic
  • Interfacing and signals
  • Interconnects
  • Memory
  • Interrupts
Embedded System Design: Starting with a simple « Hello world » project
  • Tools Introduction :
    • Vivado Design Suite
    • SDK
  • Development Flow Introduction
    • Hardware Development
    • Software Development
    • Verification (Simulation and Debug)
    • Downloading the bitstream
Exercise:  Creating the Hardware and the Software to send strings on a serial port
Embedded System Design Using the PS and the Programmable Logic
  • Adding an existing IP (from the Xilinx Library) to the design
  • Dealing with interrupts
  • Developing with SDK
  • Debugging with SDK
  • Software profiling
Exercise:  Enhancing the previous Platform (Adding Interrupt Controller, GPIO, RAM)
Exercise:  Developing the software dealing with interrupts
Chipscope - Hardware Debug
  • Introduction to Chipscope Pro
  • Implementing an AXI monitor into the design to analyze AXI4-Lite Bus transactions
  • Retrieving the on-chip signals waveforms using Chipscope Pro Analyzer
  • Clarifying trigger conditions
Exercise:  Connecting a Chipscope Analyzer to the AXI bus
Linux Booting and Application debugging
  • The linux kernel
  • Linux booting, boot Methods
  • Linux OS based application software
Exercise:  Linux Booting through different methods
Exercise:  Debugging a Linux application using SDK Remote profiling
System Design with a DMA and the Processing System High Performance Slave Port
  • Integrating the AXI CDMA
  • Standalone Application
  • Linus OS based Application
Exercise:  Running a Standalone CDMA Application
Exercise:  Running a Linux CDMA Application
Custom Peripheral (IP) Creation and Insertion
  • Creating a Peripheral IP
  • Importing the Peripheral
  • Linux Base Device Driver Development
  • Loading Module into running kernel
  • Application execution
Exercise:  Creating our own Intellectual Property and Device Driver for Linux OS; and executing the application